D2.2 SPHERE Holistic Sustainability Assessment

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  • Create Date 23 November, 2020
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D2.2 SPHERE Holistic Sustainability Assessment

The purpose of this report – SPHERE HOLISTIC SUSTAINABILITY ASSESSMENT - is to evaluate and structure the potential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to be calculated in the SPHERE platform software. KPI’s are the quantitative indicators that are the outcome of calculations, such as in economic, environmental, social or other domains. For example, the energy use of the building or the
energy efficiency would be a key KPI in the Architecture Engineering Construction Owner and Operator (AECOO) sector. The report covers as such the measurement of KPI’s split into four different domains:
i) Energy efficiency and operational performance metrics, ii) Environmental performance metrics, iii) Waste management and Circularity metrics, and iv) Construction/Renovation process efficiency metrics. The final result of the report is a holistic understanding of what KPIs the SPHERE platform will seek to provide for and through which tools as developed by partners in the project.

The report introduces the overall context of the KPI development works, a review from over a hundred studies on KPIs in the AECOO sector, the capability scans of the existing 20 software technologies to be brought together in the SPHERE platform, and the development of specific assessment methodologies for environmental, circularity, life cycle costing and social assessment, for calculating particular KPIs. The report provides a visual overview of which KPIs are proposed for each technical tool across the four domains described above, using different colouring to indicate priority levels. It also proposed further project development works for visualization, and how to link the KPIs to
operational practices for SPHERE


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