Allégra Luxembourg virtual tour

During the virtual building tour prepared by @ CREE on the Allégra Luxembourg building we have the chance to see how important it is to engage stakeholders in the construction sector. The importance of quality of prefabricated materials and how they help in health and safety improvement.

In the Allégra Luxembourg we also learnt that #geothermal energy is used as energy efficient solution to control temperature, and this is done avoiding noise from mechanical options.

#Cooling and #heating ventilation is achieved through #green solutions and this gets the Allegra building an A energy certificate.

#Digital twins and tools are energy consumption recording and monitoring systems so we can see how it can be managed in a very efficient way, monitoring all #energy.
We even learn that there is an established procedure on how to dismantle the building, and that can be very relevant for circular economy patterns in the #construction sector.

Thanks CREE team for a very informative experience.
You can see the full video on the Cree Building YouTube channel