The Start of the Art Concepts…Efficiency. IDDS. Users’ needs. Efforts… The culmination of WP2 (Work Package 2)

We have been busy working for the past year and a half on the identification of the generic requirements for the ICT platform, this includes the need for new construction works and retrofitting solutions for existing buildings. One of the main activities developed was to adapt and apply, for these construction works, the start of the art concepts based on the lean and integrated design and delivery solutions (IDDS). Today, we are finally able to identify the methodological framework and its related methodologies. We started the project implementation by identifying prospective users’ needs, the key actors in the renovation and building process, their roles and different workflows, and how the digitalisation and BIM-based solutions can support these users. In that sense the efficiency of the IDDS approach depends on the synergy of three types of efforts: collaborative environment, integrated processes, and interoperable technologies. We keep in mind that knowing what is essential to provide for users will help and guide us in the forthcoming development and evaluation stages. And we are looking forward to it!