SPHERE workshop at Sustainable Places 2022

Last week on September 7th, SPHERE participated in the workshop organized by the Building Digital Twin Association (BDTA): Ontologies in Digital Twin. Methodology, lessons learned, and practical approach.

Six EU-funded projects have participated in this workshop. All projects have the development of a digital twin data model under construction. In this case, the importance lies in its ontological representation, capable of capturing all the data required for the digital model of construction works of buildings or infrastructures.

At the session were Gabor Szibieg (BIMprove project), Raúl García-Castro (COGITO project), Jonas Schlenger (BIM2TWIN project), Rahul Tomar (ASHVIN project), Bruno Daniotti, Martina Signorini and Seppo Torma (BIM4EEB project).

Of particular note was the presentation by Mathias Boundel, from our partner NEANEX, of our SPHERE project. Mathias Boundel explained the application of ontology networks and application forms in the project within the Digital Twin Environment (DTE) and the approach to these layered developments.

Wojciech Teclaw’s presentation on the work of Digital Twin in practice, applied to the BIMprove project, took us into the more procedural and managerial part.

Rahul Tomar, from the ASHVIN project, presented the article: “Platology: A DT Ontology Suite for the Complete Lifecycle of Infrastructure” where a systematization of basic concepts helps the development of digital twins in infrastructure throughout its lifecycle.

Finally, Pablo Vicente Legazpi, from the BDTA, presented The BDTA White Paper and its current advances. An interesting conversation among participants followed the presentations and it continued over the coffee break. A great opportunity to discuss abut the ontology generation and its management.

Here you can consult the presentations and the video: Ontologies in Digital Twin – Sustainable Places (SP)