Webinar on BIM and Three-dimensional Scannings of Buildings

On the 21st of September 2020, as part of the internal training activities, R2M presented an interesting webinar entitled: “Three-dimensional scanning of building spaces and geometries and SCAN-to-BIM: solutions and expertise on field”.

The contents of the talk referred to the capability to provide three-dimensional scannings of the spaces and components of buildings, combined with software solutions able to generate BIM representations from the scanning on the field, that can reveal relevant services to enhance a proper and real spread of the BIM solutions and of the digital twin in the construction sector.

R2M experts will present actual solutions for the 3D-scanning and the SCAN-to-BIM of buildings, spaces, and components, with techniques and devices for the 3D geometric scanning and for the 3D imaging scanning, at high accuracy and resolution levels and with automatic and fast procedures. Real examples will be presented.

At the end of the day, we are introducing solutions, devices, and techniques for automatic and high-resolution 3D-scanning and SCAN-to-BIM of buildings, as an innovative and relevant part of the BIM process and the digital twin deployment in the construction sector. This is relevant for the existing buildings that are not yet represented in a BIM environment and for all those cases where an existing BIM model must be checked or upgraded according to different construction and life cycle stages. 

Please follow the link to watch the recording of the entire webinar (uncut) and learn more: