SPHERE project at the Congress of Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0 REBUILD

On September 30 in Barcelona, within the Congress of Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0 REBUILD, took place a specialized forum focused on Digital Twin, where the coordinator of the SPHERE project, Eduard Loscos from IDP Engineering, made a presentation along with other experts in the field, such as Fernando Morales Tosar from BIM6D Consulting & Performance, Antonio Castro Fernandez, Technology Director of PMI Barcelona Spain and Alexandre Santacana Casas, General Secretary of ACFM.

The REBUILD congress, which lasted from September 29th to October 1st, was a key innovation event to promote the progress in the construction industry and also a place where the visitors could get acquainted with new materials, the latest emerging technologies, and the most innovative construction systems.

Our coordinator, Eduard Loscos, was able to present the SPHERE project to the public at the forum entitled BOOM Digital Twin: data for managing constructions, which aimed to share and address, among listeners and experts, a series of questions regarding the imminent industrialization of construction and data management.

Focusing on how the industrialization of the sector will involve collaborative processes in order to introduce the requirements of operators and maintainers during the project phase, the forum discussed the following questions: Is all the project information necessary for the subsequent maintenance of a building? What about construction? Is all this documentation necessary for its operation?

Since the various speakers were able, in addition to expressing their views on the relevance of the different data, to present to the public the projects in which they are currently involved, Eduard Loscos could present SPHERE as the first EU project on Digital Twins applied to construction which aims to provide a BIM-based Digital Twin Platform as a Service to optimize the building life cycle, reduce costs and improve energy efficiency in residential buildings.

He was also able to share with the audience the recent publication of the SPHERE White Paper, an essential publication to currently understand the new roles and definitions of Digital Twins, as well as many technical details about the BDTE Architecture (a Services and APPS ICT platform with decentralized data storages, Agreed APIs, open data formats and a life-cycle approach) and about the recent creation of the Building Digital Twin Association in Antwerp (Belgium), under the SPHERE project, whose mission is to support the Open Knowledge generated in the project and to create an ecosystem for the mass implementation of Digital Twins in Europe.

For those who want to follow all BIM and Digital Twin news, we would like to inform you that very soon, on October 15th, will also take place BIM XP, an event created by the European BIM Summit, which will be the first online workshop on BIM applications organized by the CAATEEB (the Association of Quantity Surveyors, Technical Architects and Construction Engineers of Barcelona).

This event in Spanish will be free and online, and Eduard Loscos will also participate as a speaker. If you are interested in attending 45-minute sessions to learn about the experiences of companies currently working in a BIM environment, don’t hesitate to register here.