(Online) General Assembly and Project Review

This week has been a very busy one for our project: on Monday, 25th of May 2020, and Tuesday 26th we had the general assembly, and on May 27th, we had the project review by the EC. Both events had to be carried out in the digital domain due to the #pandemic, however that did not rest efforts to achieve the quality expected from the consortium. All the work carried out during the last eighteen months was presented and the consortium had time to discuss the different paths to follow in the near future to achieve the objectives set up at the beginning of the project. The different tools and techniques that will be implemented in the #SPHERE platform are also taking shape and there is still a lot to do, and even more to decide upon. Work is progressing as expected and we are hoping certain activities that stopped during the sanitary emergency will resume soon. COVID-19 turned out in some delays but we are doing our best to overcome and draft contingency plans for any potential risk, however, we are proud of our achievements and we are very happy with the outcome of both meetings. This is due to the fact that everyone was willing to listen to one another and that we have been a coherent and close team. Now, we are back on track, so let’s keep moving forward in order to achieve the project’s objectives!