SPHERE’s Second Technical Meeting

On the 11th and 12th February, in Dublin at VRM premises, a two day technical meeting took place between key stakeholders in SPHERE WP3 related to the design of data and ICT architecture for the Digital Twin implementation. Interested parties had an opportunity to join discussions online, 9 people were present at the premises and other 3 connected online. Discussion considered issues related to the SPHERE platform architecture and connectivity of core services. The goal was to agree co-development opportunities, and for SPHERE partners to plan the short/medium term action points.

There was a detailed discussion also on authentication protocols and the AP options in order to select one by agreement, which is optimal, and considerer the first step to implementation.

Another session was focused on the 3D viewer and how to find the best solution. There were also two high level considerations, the role of IFC and the relative merits of a file-based or object-based approach. Work was done on classification of components (Co-develop, client owned, shared IP, third party) in order to identify and classify all known components as one of the agreed types.  They also looked at the areas agreed as co-develop elements. Co-developing teams agree on the next steps and a sprint foundation.

Other topics and decisions were taken in relation to the Interface, Platform Micro-services/API – Non TNO – IFC data extraction, and project structure. Later on, the talks turned to the system architecture and next steps in the production of the system architecture were agreed and also consensus arose onthe language and delivery date and realized we need to work out our own way to analyse, split and store the data in the database.  Also need to work out how to put it back together so it’s readable by a viewer application.